Investment Seminars

Investing in Real Estate – This FREE Seminar will give you an opportunity to learn more about investing in residential real estate. We will share with you some of our trade secrets and winning strategies on how we evaluate, select and purchase properties in the Ottawa and surrounding areas, as well as unveiling exciting new building projects and franchising opportunities that are on the horizon.

If the appropriate investment is made, real estate may gain in value over time; property that holds or increases in value is easier to rent. The best ways to make that happen is to obtain marketable real estate in need of few or no repairs in a desirable location, make sure the location is on the incline for renter prospects and regularly maintain and update the property as needed. Renting out property investments is a great way to earn a monthly income, and we want to teach you how to maintain a continuous and positive cash flow through our extensive knowledge on the vast topic of real estate investing.

Both novice and seasoned investors are invited to join us. We welcome any questions you have about investing in real estate. We want to help you with all of your investment challenges. Our goals are to have you feeling comfortable and smart about real estate investments before you leave the seminar. Proper planning and sound advice are the keys to unlock your investment success. Rise N Shine Homes is the key ring that holds those keys to your investment future.

Check back soon for the announcement of our next Real Estate Investing Seminar.