What is included in rent

What IS included in rent

  • – heat, hydro, water and internet.
  • – snow removal in the winter
  • – lawn cutting in the summer
  • – general maintenance and upkeep of the home including lights and filters
  • – A bedroom package (chair, desk, bed frame, mattress, ) if you paid the rental deposit
  • – Each unit comes with a shower curtain, bath mat, blinds/drapes, garbage bins and recycling bins.
  • – One key issued to each tenant at the beginning of the lease.
  • – Parking, if requested.

What is NOT included in rent

  • – home cleaning services unless tenants agree to pay and arrange it themselves
  • – damage to the home and/or appliances caused by carelessness or improper use
  • – electricity usage over $300/month (this general occurs when tenants are being careless/not using common sense when it comes to appliances. Examples include, running the air conditioner with the windows open, turning the heat on and leaving the windows open, leaving lights on when nobody is home, etc)
  • – The replacement of furniture due to misuse
  • – Additional house keys
  • – Cooking utensils/supplies, cleaning supplies and equipment, sheets, smaller appliances such as toasters, kettles,etc